Duke of Gascogne

Descendants of previous owner Mr. Bouyssi told us that Le Barry (the barrier) was built on the city wall in the 17thcentury by the Duke of Gascogne, and used as garrison for his officers. The cast-iron plate in the old fireplace in the main reception room of the house is said to be the cote of armor of the Duke.

The Ursuline sister order

In the following centuries the Ursuline sister order used the large house as residence for nuns, working in a small hospital just across the narrow street Faubourg St. Roch. The hospital is not there anymore but can be seen on old photos, and today the Ursuline covent in the center of the village is used as public school.
The street in front of our house, Chemin des Remparts, was used for the shy nuns walking discretely up to the covent out of sight from the rest of the village.

Monsieur Raymond Bouyssi

During the years 1940-70, Le Barry was the summer residence for the French prefect of Morocco, Monsieur Raymond Bouyssi and his family, who came to stay every summer with their cooks, maids and chauffeur. He became a popular resident in Montpezat and still some of his relatives live in the village.

Le Barry 1950s

Mr. Boyussi had this aerial photo taken of his mansion, quite unusual at that time. The woman leaning out the living room window is his wife. Mr. Boyussi was a very literary person and people from the village came to borrow books written by famous French philosophers.

A new beginning

Thereafter a British-German couple Francis and Lothar owned and managed Le Barry for fifteen years as a charming Bed & Breakfast place (Chambres d’Hotes) – renting out the five guest rooms for tourists and travellers.

In 2007 Hans Peter Hviid and his family from Denmark took over the house, restored it with respect for historic details, and now use it for family, friends and business meetings.